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Determination of Coniferin and Syringin in Protocorms of Dendrobium officinale under Diurnal Temperature Difference

WANG Congqiao,WANG Peiyu,GUO Yanfang,LU Yao,PENG Liyun,CHEN Qingqing,LIN Yuling,LAI Zhongxiong()   

  1. Institute of Horticultural Biotechnology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, Fujian 350002, China
  • Received:2018-08-29 Revised:2018-10-04 Online:2019-02-25 Published:2019-05-16
  • Contact: LAI Zhongxiong


To understand the effects of temperature difference between day and night on the contents of coniferin and syringin in the protocorm of Dendrobium officinale, which would provide a the research basis for the development of protocorm of D. officinale as a medicinal material in large scale production. The fast method based on ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) for the analysis of coniferin and syringin, the chromatographic separation was carried on an ACQUITY UPLC BEH C18 (2.1 mm × 100 mm, 1.7 μm) in gradient elution with a mobile phase of acetic acid aqueous solution (1%, w/w) (A) and methanol (C). The extraction method of an orthogonal test was designed, and the results showed that the sample extracted with pure water, extraction ratio 1:40, and the extraction time 1 h (vibrate every half an hour) had the highest extraction rate of the two substances. The proposed method was applied to the determination of four samples of D. officinale protocorm in temperature difference treatment. The results showed that the whole change of syringin and coniferin tended to be gental at 0 ℃. The contents of coniferin and syringin increased in the 10 d treatment with temperature difference 8 ℃ between day and night, and they were obviously superior to those of other treatments. The content of the two substances reached the highest on the 15 d treatment with temperature difference 4 ℃ between day and night. The contents of the two substances in the temperature difference 12 ℃ treatment were higher in the early stage than that in the control treatment, and were lower in the latter stage than that in the control treatment, and were also lower than that in the temperature difference 8 ℃ and 4 ℃ treatment. Moderate temperature difference appears to promote the effect, while big temperature difference lowers the effect.

Key words: Dendrobium officinale, protocorn, coniferin, syringin, ultra high performance liquid chromatography, temperature difference between day and night

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