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Effects of Pre-cooling Timing and 1-MCP Treatment on Postharvest Quality of Myrica rubra

WANG Wei,YAN Li,XIE Qian,CHEN Qingxi()   

  1. College of Horticulture, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, Fujian 350002, China
  • Received:2018-09-18 Revised:2019-02-04 Online:2019-07-25 Published:2019-08-01
  • Contact: CHEN Qingxi


The effects of pre-cooling timing, 1-MCP treatment and storage temperature on postharvest quality and shelf life of Myrica rubra ‘Ying Si’ were compared. The results showed pre-cooling combined with 1-MCP treatment could postpone the decrease of fruit weight and firmness during storage, inhibit the increase of respiration intensity caused by the accumulation of MDA, and postpone the decrease of soluble sugar and titratable acid content within 6 days of storage, but had no effect on postponing the degradation of anthocyanin. 1-MCP treatment before or after pre-cooling had no significant difference in retarding fruit quality deterioration. Pre-cooling treatment could effectively reduce the respiratory intensity of fruit at the beginning of storage, but only combined with 1-MCP treatment could effectively maintain the respiratory intensity of fruit at a low-level during storage. Fruit with 1-MCP treatment after pre-cooling could be stored at 7 ℃ for 5 days, the shelf life could be up to 5 days, and the rot rate was less than 10% (no significant difference between 4 ℃ and 7 ℃) with less energy consumption cost, of which the storage effect was better than 1-MCP treatment before pre-cooling. Considering the commercial application, the fruit should be packed in time with ice bag after harvesting at 4 ℃ for pre-cooling treatment. Refrigerated transport should be controlled within 5 hours. Before storage, the fruit should be fumigated with 1-MCP of 7 mL/L 18 hours at 4 ℃. The fruit could be stored at 4-7 ℃ for 5 days, and sold on the shelf on the 6th day. The shelf life could reach 5 days, which has a good commercial application prospect.

Key words: Myrica rubra (Lour.) S. et Zucc., pre-cooling, 1-MCP, preservation

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