Genetic Diversity Analysis on the Major Agronomic Traits of 90 Oil Palm Germplasms
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Chinese Journal of Tropical Crops ›› 2020, Vol. 41 ›› Issue (11): 2197-2204.DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-2561.2020.11.008

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Genetic Diversity Analysis on the Major Agronomic Traits of 90 Oil Palm Germplasms

ZHOU Lixia,ZHAO Zhihao,CAO Hongxing()   

  1. Coconut Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences / Hainan Key Laboratory of Tropical Oil Crops Biology, Wenchang, Hainan 571339, China
  • Received:2020-05-05 Revised:2020-06-15 Online:2020-11-25 Published:2020-12-23
  • Contact: CAO Hongxing


In order to make deep and efficient use of oil palm germplasm resources, the genetic diversity and relationship of 90 oil palm germplasm resources introduced in recent years were analyzed based on 20 agronomic traits. The results showed that the genetic diversity index of ear weight was the highest (3.26), and the smallest was fruit shape (0.865). The variation coefficient of different characters was different, the biggest was ear weight (43.99), and the smallest was stem height (10.41). Five main factors were extracted by principal component analysis which were plant height factor, ear weight, fruit weight, flesh oil content and kernel oil content, and the cumulative contribution rate was 70.272%. Through cluster analysis, the tested materials were divided into four groups, among which 36 oil palm materials of group I showed dwarf plant, dwarf stem, high oil yield and good quality of palm oil, which were ideal materials for breeding high oil content and high quality palm oil.

Key words: oil palm, germplasm resources, agronomic traits, genetic diversity

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