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Liang Jixing   

  1. South China College of Tropical Crops
  • Online:1988-03-25 Published:2020-10-17

Abstract: The major soil types of Hainan Island may be divided into the following seven orders and twenty great groups.(1) The order of ferrallitic soil contains the great groups of 1aterite (latosol) ,1ateritic soil, 1ateritic red soil and yellow soil,(2) The order of semi-eluvial soil contains the great groups of dfy red soil and limestone red soil (terrarossa).(3) The order of initially developed soil contains the great groups of purple soil (purplish soil), b1ack limestone soil (rendzina or rendizine) ,volcanic ash soil, new alluvial soil, coastal sandy soil, young soil, lithosol (litho-soil) and skeleton soil,(4) The order of semi-bydromorphic soil contains the great igroups of Chao soil and mountain scrubby-meadow soil.(5) The order of hydromorphic soil contains the great groups of bog soil and peat soil.(6) The order of alkali-saline soil only . contains the great group of solonchak.(7) The order of anthropic soil (man-made soil) only contains. the great group of paddy soil (rice paddy soil).The geographical distribution, the profile morphology, and the physical and chemical properties of these major soil types are exp1ained briefly.

Key words: Hainan Island, soil type, geographical distribution, profile morphology, physical and chemical property.