Ploidy Identification of <i>Cymbidium</i> Hybrid Seedlings by Flow Cytometry
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Ploidy Identification of Cymbidium Hybrid Seedlings by Flow Cytometry

LENG Qingyun, LU Jinping, HUANG Shaohua, XU Shisong, LI Haiyan, NIU Junhai, YIN Junmei*()   

  1. Tropical Crops Genetic Resources Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Crop Gene Resources and Germplasm Enhancement in Southern China, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs / Hainan Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Tropical Ornamental Plant Germplasm Innovation and Utilization / Key Laboratory of Tropical Crops Germplasm Resources Genetic Improvement and Innovation of Hainan Province, Haikou, Hainan 571101, China
  • Received:2023-08-02 Revised:2023-09-14 Online:2023-11-25 Published:2023-12-08
  • Contact: *YIN Junmei,


Ploidy identification is one of the basic tasks for germplasm resources and new variety breeding of tropical flowers. In this study, flow cytometry was used to identify the ploidy level of Cymbidium hybrid seedlings. aiming at the key links such as the type of dissociated liquid, the tissue organ of the test material, evaluation indexes such as the nuclear dissociation, the clear degree of the main peak, the easy degree of sampling, and the coefficient of variation. A technique system was established and the stomatal traits of different ploidy were analyzed. The results showed that CyStain UV Precise P was the best of the three dissociated liquid and young leaves were most suitable. Six triploid and two tetraploid were identified from the offspring of the three hybrid combinations. There were significant differences in stomatal length, width and density between different ploidy (P<0.05). The rank of stomatal length and stomatal width was tetraploid>triploid>diploid, while stomatal density was reversed. This study is valuable for the polyploid selection and use of different ploidy germplasm resources for cross breeding of Cymbidium hybrid.

Key words: flow cytometry, Cymbidium, ploidy identification

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