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Analysis of Ratooning Ability for Sugarcane Families

YANG Rongzhong1,2,**(), ZHOU Hui1,2, LIANG Qiang1, TANG Shiyun1, WANG Lunwang1,2, GUI Yiyun1, HUANG Hairong1, HUANG Zanbing1, XIAN Wu1, LEI Jingchao1   

  1. 1. Sugarcane Research Institute, Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences / Guangxi Key Laboratory of Sugarcane Biotechnology and Genetic Improvement, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs / Guangxi Key Laboratory of Sugarcane Genetic Improvement / Sugarcane Research Center, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanning, Guangxi 530007, China
    2. Province and Ministry Co-sponsored Collaborative Innovation Center of Sugar Industry, Nanning, Guangxi 530004, China
  • Received:2020-08-10 Revised:2020-09-02 Online:2021-07-25 Published:2021-08-05
  • Contact: YANG Rongzhong


In order to analyze the genetic characteristics and parental characteristics of sugarcane ratooning ability, four family trials and one regional family trial were carried out. The ratooning ability of sugarcane was evaluated by variance analysis, correlation analysis, variance proportion and heritability. The ratooning ability of sugarcane could be affected by many factors, including sugarcane family, location, repetition and even the scale of trial. The location and interaction of location × family were most important for evaluation of sugarcane ratooning ability and followed by family. The proportion of family variance and parent additive variance and heritability were relatively low, belonging to low heritability traits. There was no positive correlation between ratooning ability and plant cane traits. The evaluation of excellent ratooning ability families and parents showed that there was no significant difference for the frequency of producing elite ratooning ability families among domestic parents and American parents. However, there were differences for ratooning ability among different type parents and the parents of Guitang, Yuetang and Yunnan was better than that of other types. For evaluation and selection of sugarcane ratooning ability, it is better to select in the ratoon crops with suitable location.

Key words: sugarcane, ratooning ability, family, heritability

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