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Spatial Distribution Pattern and Sampling Technique of Spodoptera litura Larvae in Banana Parks

DU Hao,ZHI Jiazeng,LI Zongkai,ZHOU Jinsong,YANG Shaoqiong,CHEN Weiqiang()   

  1. Honghe Research Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Hekou, Yunnan 661300, China
  • Received:2019-12-11 Revised:2020-01-08 Online:2020-11-25 Published:2020-12-23
  • Contact: CHEN Weiqiang


The Iwao linear regression equation and Taylor’s power law, three kinds of aggregation indexes were used to analyze the spatial distribution of Spodoptera litura larvae in banana parks in three stages: low age (1-2), middle age (3-4) and old age (5-6). The spatial distribution pattern of S. litura larvae was correlated with the larval age, and the aggregation intensity decreased with the increase of larval age. The spatial distribution pattern of 1-4 instar larvae was aggregation distribution, and the aggregation intensity increased with the increase of density. The spatial distribution pattern of 5-6 instar larvae gradually tended to uniform distribution from aggregation distribution, and there was mutual exclusion between individuals. The optimum theoretical sampling formula of S. litura larvae in banana parks was established n=(t2/D2)(1.978/m+3.5119) and the best sequential sampling formula $T(n) = n{m_0} \pm 1.96\sqrt {n(1.978{m_0} + 3.5119m_0^2}$.

Key words: banana parks, Spodoptera litura, distribution pattern, sampling technique

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