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The Effect of Aluminum Stress on Nutrient Absorption in Cynodon dactylon Accessions

HUANG Chunqiong,CHEN Zhen,CUI Rongjing,LIU Guodao,WANG Wenqiang()   

  1. Tropical Crops Genetic Resources Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences / Key Laboratory of Crop Gene Resources and Germplasm Enhancement in Southern China, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Haikou, Hainan 571101, China
  • Received:2019-09-09 Revised:2019-10-28 Online:2020-06-25 Published:2020-07-30
  • Contact: WANG Wenqiang


The absorption, transportation and distribution of nutrients in plants under aluminum stress are the basis of Al toxicity. In this study, the effects of aluminum stress on the absorption and transportation of the aluminum, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, potassium, calcium were studied in Cynodon dactylon by the water culture method. The results showed that the Al content in C. dactylon was increased under aluminum stress, and the Al content mainly manilyaccumulated in roots. The absorption of the total nitrogen, total phosphorus, potassium, calcium under aluminum stress was inhibited in C. dactylon. The content of N, P, Ca and K of the overground part decreased averagely by 25.00%, 33.67%, 29.29% and 25.82%, the content of N, P, Ca and K of roots decreased averagely by 28.69%, 14.58%, 26.28%, 27.07%. The results revealed that the P and K were mainly distributed in roots, and those transported to the overground part were decreased. More Ca was transported to the overground part under aluminum stress.

Key words: Cynodon dactylon, aluminum stress, nutrients element, absorption and transportaion

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