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Technology for Rapid Propagation in Vitro of Ancient Four-season Rhododendron Tree in Longyuan of Pingnan

HU Jihong1,CHEN Guixin1,*,YANG Huiting1,KANG Jianban2,GAN Daikui3,**()   

  1. 1. College of Horticulture, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, Fujian 350002, China
    2. United Front Work Department of CPC Pingnan County Committee, Pingnan, Fujian 352300, China
    3. Base of Sanmu Seedling Industry of Pingnan, Pingnan, Fujian 352300, China
  • Received:2019-08-02 Revised:2019-09-02 Online:2020-04-25 Published:2020-05-09
  • Contact: GAN Daikui


Rapid propagation in vitro was explored using the apical buds of an ancient Four-season Rhododendron tree, more than 400 years, from Longyuan Village, Tangkou Town, Pingnan County as the explants to find the effects of sterilizing methods and time of explants on the development of sterile cultures, effects of kinds and ratios of plant growth regulators added in the media on the proliferation of shoots and rooting of rootless shoots. The optimum sterilization conditions were the explants treated with 75% of ethanol for 30 seconds and then dipped with 0.1% of HgCl2 for 8 minutes. The optimum sampling period for explants was about middle to late May. After four times of bottle transfer success rate of re-sterilizing reached 71% through rescuing of the contaminated explants in the development of sterile cultures by treating with 75% of ethanol for 20 seconds and then dipping with 0.1% of HgCl2 for 5 minutes. The optimum components of the medium in the primary culture was WPM medium added 3.0 mg/L of zeatin (ZT), 0.1 mg/L of NAA and 0.5 mg/L of GA3, on which the average number of induced valid buds was 3.45. In the proliferation culture, the clustered shoots were induced from apical and stem segments with axillary buds of sterile plant-lets inoculated on Anderson medium added 0.5 mg/L of TDZ and 0.1 mg/L of NAA, multiplication coefficient of stem segments with axillary buds was higher than that of apical buds, reached 13.23. In the rooting culture of rootless shoots, the optimum medium was WPM medium added 0.1 mg/L of ZT and 0.5 mg/L of NAA, on which the rooting rate reached 92.6%. The results would provide theoretical and technical supports for conservation, exploitation and utilization of the ancient Four-season Rhododendron tree.

Key words: Pingnan Four-season Rhododendron, ancient tree, rapid propagation in vitro

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