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Chinese Journal of Tropical Crops ›› 2020, Vol. 41 ›› Issue (3): 564-571.DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-2561.2020.03.020

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Comparison of Phenolic Composition and Antioxidant Activity in Pericarp of Different Lychee Varieties

XU Zhuohui,ZENG Qingzhu,SU Dongxiao(),YUAN Yang,HE Shan,TANG Hongyan,ZHENG Yingmin,ZHOU Yiying   

  1. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510006, China
  • Received:2019-04-20 Revised:2019-08-12 Online:2020-03-25 Published:2020-04-16
  • Contact: SU Dongxiao


The phenolic compounds from the pericarp of six lychee varieties extracted with 80% methanol were used to compare the content, types and antioxidant activity. The content of total phenol and total flavonoids was measured and the antioxidant activity was evaluated by the FRAP and ABTS methods. Different monomer phenols were identified by HPLC and the differences among lychee pericarps of different varieties were analyzed. There were significant differences (P<0.05) in phenolic content and antioxidant capacity among different lychee pericarp. The content of phenolic compounds, antioxidant activity of FRAP and ABTS of ‘Lizhiwang were the highest, which was, 68.48 mg/g, 546.31 μmol/g, and 511.25 μmol/g, respectively. Eight monomer phenolics were identified in ‘Nuomici’, and the monomer phenols of relatively high content were A-type procyanidin trimer and proanthocyanidins A2. The result could provide a foundation for the development and utilization of lychee pericarp.

Key words: lychee pericarp, phenolics, antioxidant, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

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