Identification and Bioinformatics Analysis of Coconut ZF-HD GeneFamily
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Chinese Journal of Tropical Crops ›› 2020, Vol. 41 ›› Issue (2): 284-291.DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-2561.2020.02.011

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Identification and Bioinformatics Analysis of Coconut ZF-HD GeneFamily

SUN Xiwei1,FAN Haikuo2,Gong Shufang2,LIU Rui2,JIU Fengfeng2,XIAO Yong2,*()   

  1. 1. College of Tropical Crops, Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan 570100, China
    2. Coconut Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences / Hainan Key Biological Laboratory of Tropical Oil Crops, Wenchang, Hainan 571339, China
  • Received:2019-05-13 Revised:2019-07-05 Online:2020-02-25 Published:2020-03-21
  • Contact: XIAO Yong


ZF-HD protein is a family of transcription factors that contain zinc finger domains and only exist in plants. It not only regulates the growth and development of plants, but also plays an important role in floristic response to stress. In this study, 20 ZF-HD proteins of coconut were identified by comparison with the developed coconut genome database. Bioinformatics methods were used to analyze its genic structure, protein physicochemical properties, protein conserved domains, motifs, phylogenetic trees and expression profiles. The analysis showed that the coconut ZF-HD proteins are mostly basic protein. And they are mainly located in the nucleus, chloroplast and mitochondria. The coconut ZF-HD gene family could be divided into 6 subfamilies, each of which had similar structural domains and super secondary structures. The motif search analysis showed that the CoMIF subfamily only contained the zinc finger domain conserved sequence, and the other subfamilies contained the zinc finger domain sequence and the homeobox domain sequence. And expression profiling revealed that CoZHD18 and CoZHD20 were not detected in the sequenced tissues, and the expression levels of other family members in each tissue were different.

Key words: ZF-HD gene family, coconut, bioinformatics

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