Assessment of Soil Fertility in the Mango Orchards of Panzhihua, Sichuan, China
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Assessment of Soil Fertility in the Mango Orchards of Panzhihua, Sichuan, China

LIU Bin1,WANG Songbiao2,LI Xin3,SU Muqing2,MA Haiyang2,WU Hongxia2,ZHOU Yigang2,MA Xiaowei2,*()   

  1. 1. Panzhihua Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Panzhihua, Sichuan 617061, China
    2. Hainan Key Laboratory of Tropical Crops Nutrition / South Subtropical Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524091, China
    3. Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China
  • Received:2019-03-24 Revised:2019-06-24 Online:2020-01-25 Published:2020-01-21
  • Contact: MA Xiaowei


The soil fertility of the mango orchard in Panzhihua, Sichuan, China was evaluated to provide a scientific basis for the management of the fruit in the area. The soil samples in the depth 0-40 cm in 43 mango orchards were collected to determine the soil pH, contents of organic soil matter, available nutrients and micronutrients and analyze the data of the soil nutrients. The results showed that the variable coefficient of 13 nutrient contents was 0.13-0.75 in the region, and the variation was moderate. Statistical analysis revealed the soil fertility in the 43 orchards was sufficient to meet the required accuracy of 20% relative error under 90% confidence level. Principal component analysis, membership function and the radar plot were used to assess the single factor fertility. It showed that pH, available nitrogen, available phosphorus, available Fe and available Zn were the limiting factors for the soil fertility quality in the study area. The soil integrated fertility index in the study area was 0.25-0.93 with an average value of 0.55. But the difference of IFI among the orchards was significant.

Key words: mango orchard, Panzhihua, soil fertility, fertility evaluation

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