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Antioxidant and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities of Different Polarity Fractions of the Extracts of the Young Leaves of Myrciaria cauliflora

QIU Shanlian,LIN Baomei,ZHANG Shaoping,ZHANG Shuhe,ZHANG Shuai,HONG Jiamin,ZHENG Kaibin()   

  1. Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhangzhou, Fujian 363005, China
  • Received:2018-09-26 Revised:2018-12-09 Online:2019-07-25 Published:2019-08-01
  • Contact: ZHENG Kaibin


It is of great significance to search for natural antioxidants and α-glucosidase inhibitors from plants to diabetic patients. Based on the previous research, the polarity fractions of the ethanol extracts from the tender leaves of M. cauliflora were applied to determine the scavenging effects towards DPPH and ABTS + free radicals, inhibition on α-glucosidase activity, the contents of total polyphenols (TP) and total flavonoids (TF) by colorimetry, providing a reference evidence for the application of effective polarity fraction from the tender leaves of M. cauliflora in food, chemical and medical fields. The ethyl acetate fraction exhibited the highest contents of TP (33.92 mg/g) and TF (13.35 mg/g), followed by n-butanol fraction (TP 31.11 mg/g; TF 12.93 mg/g) and water fraction (TP 17.04 mg/g; TF 11.18 mg/g). TP and TF were not detected in the petroleum ether and dichloromethane fractions. The scavenging abilities of n-butanol fraction and ethyl acetate fraction towards DPPH and ABTS + radicals were higher than that of other fractions. The ethyl acetate fraction had the strongest inhibitory activity in the α-glucosidase, followed by the n-butanol and water fraction. This results indicated that the contents of TP and TF were higher in the ethyl acetate and n-butanol fractions, and the antioxidant activity and inhibition in α-glucosidase activity were stronger, compared with the other three polarity fractions, so the ethyl acetate and n-butanol fractions could be used as the main polar fractions to excavate active substances for antioxidation activity and inhibition activity in α-glucosidase.

Key words: Myrciaria cauliflora, young leaves, ethanol extracts, different polarity fractions, antioxidation, α-glucosidase

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