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Optimization of Liquid Fermentation Conditions of Bacillus subtilis CS27

ZHANG Hui,LIN Chenqiang,WU Dahua,CHEN Jichen,CAI Haisong()   

  1. Soil and Fertilizer Institute, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Fuzhou, Fujian 350013, China
  • Received:2018-11-08 Revised:2019-01-10 Online:2019-05-25 Published:2019-05-31
  • Contact: Haisong CAI


The fermentation medium and culture conditions were optimized by single factor and orthogonal experiments. The optimum fermentation medium was 1.5% soybean powder, 0.5% molasses, 0.8% ammonium chloride, 1.0% NaCl, 0.1% sodium citrate, 0.5% calcium carbonate, 0.1% MgSO4·7H2O. The optimum fermentation conditions were fermentation temperature 32 ℃, liquid volume 50 mL / 250 mL, inoculation amount 10%, initial pH value 7.0. The cell biomass could reach 1.75 × 10 9cfu/mL under the optimized fermentation medium, which could provide a scientific basis for the large scale production and application of B. subtilis CS27.

Key words: Bacillus subtilis, fermentation conditions optimization, microbial fungicide, carbon source, nitrogen source, inorganic salt

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