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In Vitro Propagation of Codiaeum variegatum ‘Golden Queen’

WEI Aiyu,XU Yingyan,YANG Ningye,JIANG Lin,HU Jihong,YANG Huiting,CAI Canjun,CHEN Jianjun,CHEN Guixin(),PAN Dongming()   

  1. Institution of Postharvest Science and Technology of Horticultural Products, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, Fujian 350002, China
  • Received:2018-07-28 Revised:2019-01-22 Online:2019-04-15 Published:2019-05-21
  • Contact: Guixin CHEN,Dongming PAN


Rapid propagation in vitro of Codiaeum variegatum ‘Golden Queen’ was studied using apical buds and stem segments with axillary buds as the explants. Establish a research system for the rapid growth of the ‘Golden Queen’ to provide theoretical basis and technical support for the factory production of the ‘Golden Queen’. The optimum conditions for the surface disinfection of the explants was disinfected first by 75% of alcohol for 30 s and then by 0.1% mercuric chloride for 10 min, which resulted in a pollution rate of 25.2% and a high survival rate of 72.77%. The best primary culture medium was MS+6-BA 2.0 mg/L+IBA 0.2 mg/L, on which the bud induction rate was 3.75. The best medium for proliferation was MS+6-BA 1.0 mg/L+ NAA0.2 mg/L, on which the proliferation coefficient was 10.77. The most suitable medium for rooting was 1/2MS+ IBA 1.5 mg/L, on which the rooting rate reached 100%. The optimum medium for transplanting the in vitro seedlings was peat, sand, and vermiculite at the ratio 3:1:1, respectively, on which the survival rate was 90%.

Key words: Codiaeum, Codiaeum variegatum ‘Golden queen’, rapid propagation in vitro