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Compressive Properties and Nutrient Leaching Characteristics of Fertilizer Rods Under Different Binder Contents

CAI Jun1,2,CHA Zhengzao2,LIN Qinghuo2,HUA Yuangang2,LIU Hailin2,YANG Kai1,2,QI Chunlin1,*()   

  1. 1. Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Forestry, Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan 570228, China
    2. Rubber Research Institute / Soil and Fertilizer Research Center, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Danzhou, Hainan 571737, China
  • Received:2018-07-25 Revised:2019-01-03 Online:2019-04-15 Published:2019-05-21
  • Contact: Chunlin QI


To study the binder content on the compressive performance of fertilizers and the nutrients leaching characteristics, the contents of different binder were used 0%, 2%, 4%, and 6%, respectively. The nutrient leaching characteristics of fertilizers with binder and common fertilizer with the same ratio of nutrients were measured by the method of soil column leaching test under room condition. And the compressive performance of the manure bars was also measured by a universal testing machine. The results showed that the positive and lateral compressive strength of fertilizer rods could be promoted with higher binder contents. Meanwhile, the nitrogen and potassium leaching rates could be reduced using the fertilizer rods. The total nitrogen leaching rates of fertilizer rods with contents of 0%, 2%, 4%, and 6% binders decreased by 6.21%, 10.52%, 15.83%, and 22.15%, respectively, and the total potassium leaching rates of fertilizer rods with contents of 0%, 2%, 4%, and 6% binders also decreased 26.69%, 50.70%, 55.50%, and 61.79%, respectively. It showed that the the compressive performance of fertilizer rods could be improved using binder, and the fertilizer rods with binder addition had the effect on delaying the release of nutrients in soil, and extended fertilizer nutrient release cycle. It would provide a theoretical basis for the related research on the special slow-release fertilizer for fruit trees in the tropical region.

Key words: fertilizer rods, binder, eaching characteristics, compression resistance