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Effects of Different Raw Material Organic Fertilizers on Soil Fertility and Wax Gourd Yield

WEI Zenghui,PAN Yunzhou,WANG Yuyang,WU Zhipeng,ZHU Zhiqiang,WU Weidong()   

  1. Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Forestry, Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan 570228, China
  • Received:2018-05-05 Revised:2018-08-13 Online:2019-02-25 Published:2019-05-16
  • Contact: WU Weidong


In this study we analyzed the nutrient contents of four commercial organic fertilizers: Mingyue seaweed (CH01), Haiteng chicken manures (HK05), Rongda soybean meal (BT03) and Botai shrimp peptides (CJ01), and investigated the effect of commercial organic fertilizers to soil fertility and wax gourd yield. The results showed that the commercial organic fertilizers with the highest organic matter and nitrogen content were seaweed and soybean meal. And chicken manures had the highest phosphorus and potassium content. After 360 days of soil incubation experiments, seaweed had the best effect on enhancing organic matter content in the studied soil; soybean meal had the best increasing of total nitrogen and available nitrogen; chicken manures had the best enhancing of available phosphorus, while chicken manures and shrimp peptides had the best increasing of available potassium. Chicken manure and seaweed were the most effective organic fertilizers for the enhancement of soil pH and CEC, respectively. Results of field experiment showed that soybean meal, seaweed and chicken manures had the best improvement of alkaline hydrolyzed nitrogen, CEC and pH, respectively, which was consistent with the results of soil incubation. However, there was no significant difference in nutrient content, pH and CEC of soil between different treatments. The application of shrimp peptides could significantly increase the yield of wax gourd, but there was no significant difference between the studied treatments and the control treatment. The ability of organic fertilizer with different raw materials to cultivate soil was affected by the basic physical and chemical properties of organic fertilizer. The effect of increasing yield related to level of organic fertilizer potassium. The application of shrimp peptides can significantly increase the yield of wax gourd. Short-term experiment cannot reflect the effect of commercial organic fertilizer for soil fertility property.

Key words: commercial organic fertilizer, nutrients content, soil fertility property, wax gourd yield

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