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The Influence of Shade Treatment on Leaf Anatomical Characteristics and Growth of Different Rubber Variaties

WEI Liping,TIAN Yaohua,ZHOU Huiping,YAN Xiangshuai,GONG Yanxiong,YUAN Huifang()   

  1. Yunnan Institute of Tropical Crops, Jinghong, Yunnan 666100, China
  • Received:2018-03-07 Revised:2018-09-23 Online:2019-01-15 Published:2019-01-15
  • Contact: YUAN Huifang


In order to understand the response and adaptation to light of rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis), six varieties of rubber seedlings (RRIM600, PR107, Reyan523, GT1, Yunyan77-2 and Yunyan77-4) grown under different shading treatments (natural light RI 100%, a layer of sun-shade net RI 50%, two layers of sun-shade net 25% and three layers of sun-shade net RI 5%) were studied by measuring the leaf anatomical structure characteristics and relative growth rate. The result showed that the shading treatment had obvious influences on rubber leaf anatomical structure and growth, but different variaties performed differently. RRIM600, PR107 and Yunyan77-4 performed well in the light environment above RI 25%, showing a relatively high adaptation to light, and GT1, Yunyan77-2 and Reyan523 had a certain extent of shade tolerance, but were more suitable to grow in the light environment above RI 50%.

Key words: Hevea brasiliensis, leaf anatomical characters, light intensity, adaptability, relative growth rate